Museums Strategy Wales

Wales was the first home nation to approve a strategy for museums back in 2010. Produced by CyMAL (now MALD) in consultation with the sector, the Federation of Museums and Art galleries of Wales has been instrumental in delivery from the start, active in supporting museums to deliver the strategy.

The Federation sits on the Welsh Museums Strategy steering group and is currently instrumental in creating the new strategy for 2018 onwards.

  • Download the Museums Strategy for Wales from MALD’s website
  • Go to the Federation’s resources section to support strategy delivery with links and documents shared by the museum community in Wales and beyond.

The strategy states:

“Our aim is that by 2015 museums in Wales will have improved their services according to three guiding principles that underpin the place of museums in Welsh life.

Museums for Everyone

Museums will contribute to living communities, promote the values of a fair and just society and provide lifelong learning opportunities for all.

A Collection For The Nation

Museums will hold, care for and continue to develop collections for the nation which represent our rich and diverse culture.

Working Effectively

Museums will manage their sites, operations, collections and people more effectively to continue providing services for citizens that are relevant, robust and sustainable.”